Art 1 Final Exam

I feel like my anamorphisis drawing was the most succesful this year. It may have been the shortest and smallest project but I still felt like I did really well on it. My favorite part of this project was getting the details of the words on the 100 grand bar. There were so many small details that I was very dialed in while drawing. I felt very in focus when I was drawing this particular piece. This is one of my favorite projects because it looked like how I imagined it. It turned out just like I wanted it to. It was very time consuming doing all the shadows on the bar. Also drawing the bar shape itslef was a very difficult task. 
I think I learned the most from this project because it made me see the art from another perspective. It made me see the art from a backwards standpoint. I also liked how detailed you had to make the piece. It made me think before I did anything because you had to plan out what you were going to do. You couldnt have any floating islands and this made the piece much more challenging than I would have originally thought. It also made me think outside the box with the colors and the background. The background made me develop alot more because I had to tie together so many diffrent pieces. Using the spray paint also made me think about how to manipulate the paint to my advantage.
The clay tile piece really tied all the different pieces of art together from the whole year. We had to use our drawing skills to create the initial sketch. Then we had to use the cutting skills we got from the prints. We had to use that to make the image in the actual clay tile. Then at the very end of the project we had to do the painting. I had to use my skills of painting the canvas to paint this project to the best of my ability. I had to go over the whole clay tile with a blue coat. Once that was finished I went back over and painted the whole tile.
I felt like the print was one of the least important when learning new concepts. It did though teach us how to use positive and negative space but it didn't teach me as much as all the other pieces. I did enjoy the project but I didn't feel like I learned a lot from it. I felt like we could have used more time on it but that might have been me slacking off. I didn't feel like I learned a lot in this piece because I felt like I already knew most of the concepts. I'm not saying we weren't taught a lot I just felt I didn't get that much out of doing this project.
I feel like my stencil piece really reflected me as an artist. It captured all of my favorite elements in art. Tedious work, expressive random stuff, and spray paint. I had a really good time making this piece too because I really felt like I could make it mine. I had a sense of freedom almost in doing this piece. The best part was actually doing the spray paint because I could make it look just like I wanted without having to make some intense canvas painting. I have a personal connection to this piece because it feels like I made it look like I wanted. I did what I wanted and it turned out how I wanted.

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