Thursday, September 20, 2012

Value portrait

1. Explain the process you went through to develop your drawing.
First we had to take pictures as a reference to draw. Once we got the refrences we had to trace over the picture to find all of the values on the face. Once that was finished we went into our sketchbooks and made a portrait with the traced values.
2. Explain how you found the different values in the portrait?
We took the pictures of who we were going to be drawing and traced the values. We did that by going up to a window and looking at the darks and lights and tracing over the shapes we saw. Also we went back over the shapes to outline the darks.
3.  Did you achieve a full range of the different values within your portrait?  How?
Yes I did by shading the diffrent shapes. We also went over the tracing paper on the back with a pencil so it would come off on the sketch book paper.
4. Describe your craftsmanship.  Is the artwork executed and crafted neatly?
In my point of view while I was drawing I felt good. Once the final product came out I didnt feel as confident about the piece. But I do think I did the piece as neatley as I could have.
5. List any obstacles you had to overcome and how you dealt with them.
During the making of this piece I thought it was going well. In the middle of the piece I looked at it and restarted but that looked even worse than my original so when I realized that I went back. I also had the challenge of the eyes because my picture was very dark making it hard to make out the eyes.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Value Study

1. Describe your overall thoughts on the final piece.

I feel like as my first final piece of art for this class that it came out well. I do believe that I could have done better but that is what later is for.
2. if this was a group project, what was your contribution?
It was not a group project.
3. How successful do you feel this piece is and why?
I felt like I did a good job on this piece but I can definatly get better over time.
4. What worked about this project? What didn’t work?
The drawing before had worked but the blending on my piece I did not do the best I could have done.
5. If you were to do this project over again, what changes would you consider making?
I would go slower and try to blend my colors more carefully.
6. What was the most difficult part about completing this piece and why? The most difficult part was fore sure time mangement because we had alot to do and not to much time.
7. What did you learn from this piece?
I learned that I can make a piece of art that is not stick figures.